The overall project coordinator for BESECURE.

Description of the organisation

TNO (The Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research) is a non-profit independent research organisation established in 1932. TNO acts as an interface between science and the market. Being both embedded in the world of fundamental research and having strong links with the world of users, TNO is positioned to fulfil this role in which contract research and strategic collaboration are keys to the transfer of knowledge.

Previous experience relevant to the tasks

TNO has been involved in many EC-funded Security (PASR and FP7) projects, like e.g. IMPACT (on CBRNE protection), TRIPS (Transport Infrastructure Protection System), PATIN (Protection of Air Transportation and Infrastructure), CPSI (on perceived security), and VITRUV (design of resilient urban environments). TNO was active in ESRIF and is a strategic partner to the Dutch government concerning security policies and crisis management.









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